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Oatland Island Wildlife Center – Flye

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Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Oatland Island Wildlife Center
Race over the riverbed filled with ‘gators while hunting for your next clue!
Sneak up to one of the enclosed pens to catch a glimpse of the elusive wolves.
Each question guides you deeper into the wilderness!

New App

The Oatland Wildlife Center has a new app for visitors that combines the fun of a scavenger hunt with the adventure of exploring the huge property! It’s an informative and fun game centered around the World Wildlife Day theme, “Do one thing today to help protect the world’s wildlife.” In the end, you will have explored the immense property, learned about what you can do to help protect endangered species, and you will have solved a number of brain teasers!

Gamify your Experience

Oatland’s Scavenger hunt takes educational details and creates a lively game! Participants get drawn right in with riddles and clues that lead towards different stops along the hunt. Educational materials, pictures, and audio bites help enhance the learning experience. Then, to drive the lessons home, the user must answer questions about what they’ve learned. If they get it right, they win a virtual sticker. If they collect all the stickers they receive a prize from the admissions desk! There is so much to do and see at Oatland Island Wildlife Center! While on the scavenger hunt, participates learn about endangered and threatened species. They visit the petting zoo to get up close experiences with the animals. They hike throughout the vast property to explore the marshes, the forests, the rivers, and more. Also, visitors paricipate in activities to learn more about individual species and their habitats. It’s a perfect place for a picnic, birthday party, or get-together! The Flye scavenger hunt brings people, students, and families together to collaborate towards a mutual goal with a fun and educational slant!

How it works

To start your hunt, download the Flye app on your smart phone, or check with the admissions people to rent out one of their iPads. Look for the Oatland Island Wildlife Center’s scavenger hunt and download it. Once you have the scavenger hunt pulled
up on your phone or Oatland’s iPad, you are ready to start the scavenger hunt! To start, you are prodded with a riddle to locate the first stop on the hunt;

For the first stop, you don’t have to go far,
walk outside, towards the road made for cars.

The first riddle, along with Oatland’s map, directs you out of the Welcome Center towards the gopher tortoise burrows. Informational content about the gopher tortoise appears. For instance, you find out that gopher tortoises are a threatened species.
   Gopher tortoise
Also, you learn that the underground burrows, created by gopher tortoises, are habitats for a multitude of other species. You can scroll through images of gopher tortoises and after reading the informational content, you can answer the first question;

How many burrows do you see in this immediate area?

When answered correctly, another educational message appears and a virtual sticker is awarded!

Another riddle pops up to propel you on to the next stop;

Now onto the next clue, put on your thinking hat,
find the place with the largest outdoor cat.

 After all the questions are answered, and all the virtual stickers are awarded, you can head back to the Welcome Center to receive a prize! Using the Flye app, additional scavenger hunts from nearby organizations can be downloaded as well!

About Oatland Island

The Oatland Island Wildlife Center has been operating as a nonprofit educational facility since 1973. It boasts about 100 acres of land with 150 different animals. The area is expansive and perfect to explore while on a scavenger hunt. Around 20,000 students visit Oatland every year to learn about unique animals and their different habitats. Visitors also learn about the individual roles they each play in conserving and preserving wildlife and natural habitats of species. Visitors can rent out an iPad to complete the scavenger hunt. Just check with the admissions desk to ask for an available iPad.

Good luck hunting!