Squares of Savannah

Squares of Savannah

Savannah is known for its multitude of lush squares. Each city square is a miniature park with hundreds of year’s worth of stories. These new Flye scavenger hunts allow users to delve into the details that make each square unique.

Take a few minutes to really explore these squares. Often times, we are in such a rush to see everything, that we miss the intricate details that lie within these squares.

Built for families who want to explore together or for parents who need a few minutes of relaxation while the kids seek out clues and answer questions on their own. Each square has different stories, sculptures, and monuments.

Audio tracks are featured on a number of stops. These monologues fill in more details and enhance learning. For example, did you know that the same artist that sculpted the monument of General Oglethorpe in Chippewa Square was the same artist that created the sculpture of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.? Or do you know how much the grave of Chief Tomo-Chi-Chi cost? Just one dollar!!


Listen now to hear more about one of Savannah’s most illustrious squares!

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